Full-Service Email Campaign Management from Soup to Nuts

What’s Included?

Don’t have the time and resources to manage email campaigns? Domain2Conversion is your elite team helping you build, deploy, and manage email marketing campaigns.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Data Management
  • Email Design and Coding
  • Email Deployment
  • Campaign Development and Production
  • Content Coordination
  • A/B Testing and Reporting

Pricing start from as low as ₹ 14,685/mo.


We Live and Breathe Email Marketing since it Started

Our founder sent out his first email campaign back in 1995. Your email campaign management is in the hands of the original “email people”. For almost two and a half decades, people on our team have been helping companies just like your’s succeed with email marketing.


Faster Time-to-market

Get your email campaigns out-of-the-door faster with Domain2Coversion's streamlined email marketing process.


Maximize Your Budget

Achieve your email marketing goals without stretching your budget. We know exactly what you need for your current size and goals

Pricing plans

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
List Size (contacts)upto 1000upto 10000upto 50000upto 100000upto 500000
no of mails/mo500080,00050000010000005000000
sendout frequency 4 times- once a week8 times- twice a week10 times total16 times 20 times
Mail Template
List Cleaning(free)
Client management (CRM)
Quotes, invoices, and payments in mail
Marketing and sales automation
Accept Recurring payments
Advanced sales and marketing automation
landing pages251020Unlimited
Lead funnels1151025
Sell e-products
Bonus-1 FREE Facebook Ad campaign set up worth rs.14000/$200
Bonus-3 INR 4000 D2C affiliate management subscption credits
Bonus-4 5 Sign up mails to turn your visitors/subscribers into buyers instantly and boost your sales upto 30-60%, worth INR 25000
Bonus-5 3 cart abandon mails to recover your lost sales instantly and boost your revenue upto 40-75%, worth INR 50000
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* 7 Days Free Trial, Pay nothing today, Cancel anytime, no risk, 100% refund within next 7 days, your account manager will get in touch with you to discuss your goals once you subscribe. Send cancellation mail to D2C@DOMAIN2CONVERSION.COM.

How it works

Deploy Your Email Marketing Campaigns On Time And Within Budget. Here Is How It Works:

  1. Understand Campaign Goals and Targeting
  2. Coordinate and collect assets such as content, offers, images, and brand guidelines
  3. Design, code, test, and deploy email marketing campaigns in the ESP of your choice
  4. Campaign tracking and reporting as required
  5. Ongoing management and optimization as required
  6. Monthly/Quarterly reviews as required