Facebook Marketing Service

No minimum ad spend requirement. Fixed monthly management fees. You pay to Google Ads directly. 100% account ownership of Google Ads account. No long term commitment – Pay us monthly.

Pricing start from as low as ₹ 7,999/mo.

Pricing plans

  • Small Business Facebook Marketing Packages
  • Midsize Business Facebook Marketing Packages
  • eCommerce Facebook Marketing Packages
Small Business Facebook Marketing PackagesMidsize Business Facebook Marketing PackageseCommerce Facebook Marketing Packages
Facebook Page Creation
Facebook Cover And Profile Pic Creation
Facebook Tabs Creation
Facebook Page Optimization
Post on Page2 Per Week
Creation Of Facebook Polls/ Quizs
Sharing Post In Groups
Call To Action Button Creation
Hashtag Research
Influencer Research
Video Posting
Page Monitoring
Competitors Analysis
Suggested Ad Spend Monthly Up to ________10,000 Rs25,000 rs25,000+
Facebook Business Manager Set Up
Facebook Ads Campaign
Pixel Installation
Custom Conversion Creation
Detailed Audience Creation
Custom Audience Creation
Creation Of Automated Rules
Facebook Analytics Report Creation
Ad Campaign Monitoring
Catalogue Creation
Dynamic Ads Creation
Instant Experience Ads Creation
Customization Of Ad Placements
A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And Placement
Carousel And Collection Ads
Traffic Monitoring
Monthly Report
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*Above mentioned deliverables will be performed over a period of 6 months

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Looking for Facebook marketing packages in India? Domain2Conversion is one of the foremost Facebook Marketing Companies in India. We offer three different Facebook Marketing Packages exclusively designed to help our clients reach their marketing goals with our Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Facebook advertising can be started with a daily budget of 1 USD and the average click on a Facebook ad costs around $1.5 to $ 2.0 depending on objective. The average monthly cost for Domain2Conversion Facebook Marketing Packages is 8,000 INR to 25,000 INR Per Month.

In India, You Can Start Advertising On Facebook With A Minimum Daily Budget Of Rs. 40 / Day. Average CPC For Link Clicks Costs Rs. 0.52  To Rs. 2.3. Average Cost Per 1000 Impressions Is Rs. 9.3 Approx.

RankON Technologies is a Facebook Marketing Company in India that knows the minutiae of advertising on Facebook and has a record of helping a big clientele. Our professional Facebook marketing services and cost effective Facebook marketing packages in India can quickly scale up  and make your business reach peaks with our top quality Facebook promotion services in India.

Our Facebook advertising specialists create an effective and goal-oriented Facebook advertising campaigns to target potential customers based on preferred locations and the type of business.


Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most eminent social media platform with approximately 2 billion end users. It is estimated that approximately 5 new accounts are made on Facebook every second. Besides being the most popular social media platform, it offers the most favorable ground for advertising.

You may Use Facebook Advertising Services in India if you want to empower the following aspects of your business:-

  1. You’ve seen competitors’ advertisements on Facebook.
  2. You want to spot the target more audience at lesser Facebook Ad Costs.
  3. You want to gain more exposure for your business.
  4. You’re looking to increase organic traffic from Facebook referrals.
  5. You’re looking to expand your online marketing campaign with minor Facebook Costs.

D2C believes that every business has unique business requirements. Some businesses prefer advertising to people whereas other prefer advertising to business. For this, the business owners have to bear different Facebook Ads pricing for different purposes.

The average click on a Facebook ad costs around is about $1.5 to $2.0. This would result in the cost of 1000 impressions to about $5-$7. Apart from this, the average cost per click rates for advertising to people and advertising to business is:-

  1. For B2CApproximately $.70 – $.90CPC
  2. For B2BApproximately $2.50 – 3.50 CPC

It is clear from the above stats that CPC for Facebook advertising isn’t much high. But if you set up your campaigns right, then only your campaigns will drive high-quality clicks which are beneficial for your business. On the other side, It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on Facebook advertising if your campaigns are of low quality your business will starve for conversions. Always discuss with your Facebook marketing company to know the Facebook marketing packages they have and choose wisely so you can get better results.

As said earlier, Facebook Ads are the most crucial element of Facebook Marketing. If you get an average conversion rate to say 2-3% for B2C or 1-2% for B2B then you would probably get the following cost per conversion:-

  1. Facebook Promotion Cost for B2C Business: Approximately $25-35 per conversion
  2. Facebook Promotion Cost for B2B Business: Approximately $250-350 per conversion

From the above given Facebook advertising cost, we can say that Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to invest money in radio ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media for advertising.

Apart from this, with such insignificant Facebook ads cost, you can target a huge number of audience and get immediate results.

In Google ads, Keywords decide how much price you need to pay for every click you get on your ads so you can say Keyword is the factor that affects the Google Ads Pricing. For better information, Please check below given 2 images to know the cost per click for a web development and ecommerce business.