Pay Per Click Campaign Management Service

No minimum ad spend requirement. Fixed monthly management fees. You pay to Google Ads directly. 100% account ownership of Google Ads account. No long term commitment – Pay us monthly.

Pricing start from as low as ₹ 7,999/mo.

Pricing plans

  • Basic PPC
  • Advanced PPC
  • Enterprise PPC
Basic PPC Advanced PPC Enterprise PPC
AD Groups 31020
Ad Copies - Maximum102050
No. of Keywords50100150
Search Ads
Display Ads
Gmail Ads
Video Ads
Shopping Ads
App Promotion Ads
Remarketing List
Competitor Analysisyesyesyes
Keyword Optimizationyesyesyes
Ad Copy Optimizationyesyesyes
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization
Dedicated Account Manager YouTube Uploads
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

*Above mentioned deliverables will be performed over a period of 6 months

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If you are new in the online market, you’ve to wait a lot to get your first lead from search engines. In case you want speedy results for your efforts, you have to go with PPC Ads. Pay Per Click Advertising is the best and quickest way to generate leads for your business. As image shows, when you start running ads on Google your ads start appearing in front of your buyers thus you have great chances to get leads. To run ads on Google you need a website or landing page where visitors can land after clicking on your ads. PPC (Pay Per Click) cost a bit higher than other marketing methods but provides quick results. You will be charges for every single click you get on your ads.
Google Ads are known for giving instant results. You can get-up-and–running in less than an hour. Also, if the ads are built with the right approach, you can start generating sales at the next moment. “Google Welcomes Over 246 Million Unique Visitors, 3.5 Billion Daily Interactions, And An Estimated 700% ROI.” While businesses spend an average of $9000 to $10,000 per month on paid advertising, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the common question of, “How much do Google Ads cost ?” That’s because Google Ads is a completely customizable advertising platform.
If your question is how much does Google Ads Cost for your business then, the answer is “No” as there is no certain or fixed pricing in Google Ads for business types. Google ads cost may vary from business to business.
CPC is the amount you have to pay when any visitor clicks on your ad. Every keyword has a different CPC. As you are aware of the Google ads process so let’s discuss how much a click will cost you in Google ads.
In Google ads, Keywords decide how much price you need to pay for every click you get on your ads so you can say Keyword is the factor that affects the Google Ads Pricing.
In Google ads, Keywords decide how much price you need to pay for every click you get on your ads so you can say Keyword is the factor that affects the Google Ads Pricing. For better information, Please check below given 2 images to know the cost per click for a web development and ecommerce business.

How To Calculate How Much Should You Spend Daily on Google Ads?

It’s always better to ask yourself how much budget you can afford. But here we would like to help you to understand how to know the estimated cost to advertise on Google. As stated above that keywords affect the cost of a Google ads campaign so you can ask the company for the number of keywords you are going to select for your PPC campaign. You can check the CPC on those selected keywords and add the agency pricing they are going to charge to manage your PPC campaign.

For Example: If you have an ad where Max CPC is 25 INR and you wish to get 100 Clicks Per Day then the daily Google Ads budget would be: 25 INR X 100 Clicks= 2500 INR Per Day and 75000 INR per month.